24 June 2016


Yesterday we have the classification and the result are
1Ex, 11 TB, 4 BP 84 pts et une BP 83
Serinityhill thority Rosette EX
Stmalo chelios Lyana VG 2ans
Stmalo GW Atwood Eliane VG 86 2ans
Stmalo Goldwyn lisanne VG 86 2ans
Stmalo meridian Salina VG 2ans
Stmalo doorman Lea VG
Stmalo Goldwyn Danie VG 87
Stmalo Sid amenia VG
Stmalo Sid ritalin
Stmalo Sid tosiane VG 87
Stmalo Stanley cup elisette VG86
Stmalo windbrook Roxanne VG 88

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